Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 6

I don’t know if it’s just me, BUT does having to submit a post by Noon on Sundays throw anyone else off? I am always finding myself freaking out at the last minute when I remember at 11:30am on Sunday afternoons that I have a blog to do. Remembering to blog every week is definitely going to be a challenge for me this semester. I know that this class in itself is going to be a challenge for me, mainly because I have trouble paying attention to my writing enough to notice things like comma splices, coordinating conjunctions and FANBOYS. To be honest, I never really knew what a comma splice was either. SO far this class has proved to be much different than I originally expected.

This past week of class proved to be especially out of the box AND overall showed that our class, and probably most of the English majors at WSU, has very interested almost twisted minds. The exercise we did in class with the magnetic poetry letters was a little uncomfortable at first, FOR I had the box of ‘Romance Novel Words’. Our letters proved to be dirty, to say the least, BUT overall I will admit that it did help my writing and my understanding of the 3 sentence patterns. HOWEVER, I still have a little trouble with all of the different aspects within these patterns, BUT I am confident that by the end of the semester I will fully understand them.

One thing though that I still am a little hazy about is the concept of FAULTY PARALLELISM. We were given the example “That’s what you do when you’re out of touch, out of ides, and running out of time”.  When I look at this sentence all I really see is a sentence that has a lot of repetition. I’m assuming that this  is a concept that I just need to spend some time wrapping my brain around to understand, SO I’ll just need to spend some more time on it throughout this semester.

If there are any grammatical mistakes or weird sentences that make no sense at all, feel free to correct away.

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  1. To answer your question about faulty parallelism: yes, you might say that parallelism is a kind of repetition--intentional repetition, for effect. Remember our pattern from a couple of weeks ago about "As a teacher,...; as a researcher,..."? That's parallelism between two sentences, both starting off the same way. With the "out of..." sentence, the writer is also intentionally using repetition, but with preposition phrases. Thing is, you gotta keep the structures the same throughout a parallelism; otherwise, it's considered faulty.

    good job on your FANBOYS--except this SO
    "SO far this class has proved to be much different than I originally expected, "
    isn't a FANBOYS; it's an adverb with FAR.

    Also, you forgot to mark your AAAWWUUBBISS. You do use at least one that I see, though,.
    Sorry about the bad timing for the blog due date. You could give yourself a different due date--like Thursday night or something. You don't have to wait until Sunday a.m., no?