Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 4

So far throughout this course, the few short weeks we’ve had it, I can say that I have learned a few new things about grammar. Before joining this class, I did not really know too much about grammar. I knew about punctuations, correct their and there’s and things like that, but now going more in-depth with ideas such as apostrophes and comma placements. I will admit that I was one of those writers that thought that apostrophes are meant to be used to show possession, but now as we have discussed in class, I can easily refer to our chart and figure out the proper use of apostrophes when it comes to plurality and contractions as well. My grammar skills are still a bit limited, unlike those WHOSE are much more extensive than mine, but I feel as if I am learning quickly enough. AS A STUDENT, IN HIGH SCHOOL I DIDN’T REALLY PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO PROPER GRAMMAR WHEN I WOULD HALF-ASS ESSAYS; AS A WRITER NOW IN COLLEGE, I AM BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF GRAMMAR, PROPER PUNCTUATION, AND SYNTAX [parallel sentences conjoined by semicolon, with introductory phrases, with comma after the phrase].  

As we read more and more about the imaginary student Dora, I have begun to attempt to think back to how I learned to write and I can honestly say I have no idea in hell how I was taught to write. This lack of memory probably contributes to my writing style. 

When I write, words pretty much just come spilling out. No structure, not much punctuation, and sometimes no point at all. That is one of the things I hope to get out of this class, sentence structure and over all more precise meaning when I write. So far I like to think that I have gotten a little better, feel free to let me know otherwise. 

Overall, this class has begun to teach me that grammar is much more important than I thought I was before. I now find myself re-analyzing my texts before I send them, facebook status’, tumblr posts, anywhere I write now where I may have a tendency to be lazy and use bad grammar or shortened words, I double check myself. I know this new habit will continue throughout the class and I hope that it only helps me improve my writing and my grammar skills!


  1. I can't remember how I learned to write either!! It's weird to think about. I like that your new awareness about writing and grammar has made you more attentive to how you respond to media posts like Facebook and Tumblr! It really does make you think a little more, doesn't it?

    You did a great job including the Pattern of the Week as well.

    Great job, Lauren!

  2. I second Jessica's emotion: kudos to you for heightened awareness.
    Just one point about pattern of the week:
    you punctuate the second part correctly: "As a writer now in college,...". Notice where you placed the comma on the first part, though: "As a student, in high school .... "
    Not the same, right? need to be consistent within your own writing.
    Oh and one more use of apostrophe you don't mention: contractions.
    Keep truckin'!