Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 7!

This weekend at home was a nice little break from the hectic school life. Even though most of my life now revolves around the Pullman atmosphere, it was nice to see old faces and reconnect with old friends. Despite the long 5-hour drive, through barren wheat fields and smoky skies, the short visit to my hometown of Federal Way, WA proved to be worth the trip. AS THE DRIVE CAME TO AN END, I became more and more excited not only to get out and finally stretch my legs that had been cramped up for 5 hours, but also to finally see my family, my dog, and the friends I had left behind. As so as I walked in the door I was instantly tackled by a 10-month 100lbs German Shepard, who decided to bark and run circles around me until finally I gave him a little love.

AS SOON AS I ESCAPED, I made my way to Hilltop--sketchy I know—for my best friends 21st birthday. I did not tell Caitlin that I was going to be there, she thought I wasn’t able to come since I am in Pullman, which led to me being tackled and attacked for the second time that night, this time by someone who had a full drink in their hand. I guess it was only Karma BECAUSE I always tend to spill on at least one person when I go out.  SINCE THIS IS ALWAYS THE CASE, I really wasn’t in any position to be angry with her, especially since it was her birthday after all. After we recovered we were given a tour of her house, a cute townhouse in Tacoma, and then began to catch up on each other’s lives.

Saturday day was a quite eventful day. I WENT TO THE DOCTORS, THE HAIRDRESSER, AND TO THE PLU HOMECOMING GAME. (I wasn’t totally sure if this was parallelism or not but figured I’d throw it in there.) The PLU Homecoming game has become a tradition in my family. My dad went to school there, twice, and my aunt and uncles have also gone to school there. Personally, I felt as if PLU was a little to close to home, hence why I chose WSU, in state tuition but still 5 hours away, plenty of room away from the parents to breathe. Even thought the PLU game as a disappointment, it was good to see my family from California and to see my friends from high school, a few who were playing in the game.

Overall, this weekend was a success. It was a nice break from the hectic school life of Pullman, but I would say that I am happy to be back to real life at Wazzu.

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  1. great piece of writing, Lauren, because of the sentence variety as well as your tone. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us!